December 2012 Round-Up:

December 31, 2012

B36 Tórshavn snap up TB Tvøroyri prospect Gilli Sørensen
On noon on Christmas Eve, B36 Tórshavn unwrapped an early Christmas gift by announcing they had secured the signing of young TB prospect Gilli Sørensen.

The 20-year old forward scored six goals for TB this season. Sørensen spent a couple of years at Aberdeen’s youth academy between 2009 and 2011.

December 23, 2012

Meinhardt Joensen to KÍ Klaksvík
As expected, goalkeeper Meinhardt Joensen has signed for KÍ Klaksvík again, having been away at B36 Tórshavn and NSÍ Runavík for the last five seasons. He has also had brief spells at B68 Toftir and GÍ Gøta earlier.

Tórður Thomsen joins B36 Tórshavn
B36 Tórshavn have signed 26-year old goalkeeper Tórður Thomsen. Thomsen played little last season – only deputising for Jákup Mikkelsen at ÍF Fuglafjørður on three occasions. Thomsen, a very capable goalkeeper, has been around and has previously played for B68 Toftir, HB Tórshavn, AB Argir, NSÍ Runavíks as well as ÍF Fuglafjørður. He has been around the national team occasionally, but has not been capped, however.

Training camp in la Manga cancelled
And speaking of the national team, the annual training camp in February/March at la Manga in Spain has been cancelled due to the early league start of the Faroese season next year, which again is due to the many qualifiers in 2013. Instead, national coach Lars Olsen was hoping to get a couple of international friendlies before the match away to Austria on 22 March.

Roof for spectators at Tórsvøllur
As part of the plan for… well, restoring/modernising/finishing … and so on… Tórsvøllur stadium – which has always been a mess as it has never been really completed – the stand at he south end will be taken down and replaced by a Football Association-building with stands on the front.

The plan is that the work shall be completed when Germany visits in September 2013. The next face – which starts sometimes in 2013 - is to build a roof over the stand at the east side; the main section for spectators. Earlier the plan has been to build the roof on the vest side which hosts the VIP’s and is often otherwise empty, but they have now reconsidered and will have the mortal spectators in mind first. – So maybe they do listen to this website after all, as we have been after them for the previous plan earlier :-)

Faroe Islands seniors vs. juniors 2-1
Below are some video clips from a training match between Faroe Islands' senior and U21 team. The seniors won 2-1 with the juniors taking the lead with a Sørmund Kalsø header. Símun Samuelsen equalized for the seniors shortly after while Páll Klettskarð grabbed the winner on a penalty a while later.

December 17, 2012

TB Tvøroyri name Hans Fróði Hansen as new coach
TB Tvøroyri announced last week that they have appointed last season’s assistant coach Hans Fróði Hansen as head coach for next season.

37 year-old Hansen was capped 26 times for the Faroe Islands and played in both Iceland and Norway as well as in the Faroes.

His only previous coaching experience is for his youth club LÍF Leirvík in the 2nd tier in 2006 where he got good results – a 3rd place – two years before LÍF merged with GÍ Gøta to form Víkingur in 2008.


B36 Tórshavn sign Nigerian forward
B36 have signed 28-year old Nigerian forward Adeshina Abayomi Lawal. Lawal came to Denmark in 2004 where he joined FC Midtjylland’s youth academy. He later moved to Vejle Boldklub in the second tier where he spent most of his time in Denmark, but also made some appearances in the top tier when Vejle had been promoted. In addition to Vejle, Lawal has also had spells with Lyngby (on loan), Hobro and Swedish side Kristianstad’s FF.

Lukasz Cieslewicz commits to B36
Polish forward Lukasz Cieslewicz,s future at B36 had been in doubt for some time, but now the club has announced that Cieslewicz has committed to B36 for another season.


EB/Streymur sign Gunnar Zachariassen
Champions EB/Streymur have signed 22-year old attacking midfielder Gunnar Zachariasen who came to B36 Tórshavn late in the 2012 season where he scored in his debut with virtually his first touch of the ball.

Zachariassen has lived in Denmark for many years and played for AB Copenhagen’s 1st division team before he joined B36. Before that he was part of Brøndby’s youth division.


Bogi Reinert Petersen to ÍF Fuglafjørður
ÍF Fuglafjørður have signed 19-year old midfielder Bogi R. Petersen who left the club as a 15-year old when he went to Vejle to attend a football school. Petersen, who has played in various Faroese youth national teams, made a few appearances for HB Tórshavn in 2011 before he returned to Denmark where he played for lower division club Hedensted.


Hungarian trialist at Víkingur
Víkingur have had an Hungarian forward on trial for a while, but the outcome is not known yet.


Transfer window
These aforementioned signings have been made although the transfer window officially doesn’t open before 27 December. It closes again on 21 March 2013. The window then re-opens on 24 June and closes again on 22 July.


Torleif Sigurðsson first menber of Hall of Fame
The Football Association has decided to launch a Hall of Fame where they will name one or several persons every year that have made something special for Faroese football.

The first member to be included in the Hall of Fame was the late and former president of the Faroese Football Association Torleif Sigurðsson who was president from 1981 to 2002.

Sigurðsson is widely regarded as the main force of getting the Faroe Islands recognized by FIFA and UEFA.

Sigurðsson died in 2008. He was then chairman of KÍ Klaksvík.

December 09, 2012

Abraham Løkin appointed coach at NSÍ Runavík
Abraham Løkin, who just recently announced that he didn’t have the time to be coach next season because of his work, has worked out a solution with his employer so that he will have the necessary time after all, and earlier in the week it was announced that Løkin had been appointed coach for NSÍ Runavík.

Einar Hansen returns
NSÍ also announced that they have gotten left back Einar Hansen back from relegated B68 Toftir and that versatile Pól Jóhannus Justinussen will stay put.


B36 coach Mikkjal Thomassen stays
It had been unclear whether B36 coach Mikkjal Thomassen would continue for another season, but he has now finally decided to continue.

B36 have announced that they will have to lower player wages next season by 10% and therefore they have given Polish forward Lukasz Cieslewicz free to go should he wish to, but they still hope to keep on to the player, however.

Former captain Klæmint Matras retires
Although it happened in the middle of last season, we haven’t reported that - now former - B36 captain, Klæmint Matras has retired. Matras - a midfielder, sometimes defender - made his senior debut in the year 2000 as a 19-year old, and because of his fighting spirit was always one of the B36 crowd’s favourite. Matras made two appearances for the national team.


Goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen stays with ÍF Fuglafjørður after all
Goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen, who had announced that he had quit ÍF Fuglafjørður at the end of last season, has now reconsidered and has signed a new one-year deal with ÍF. Mikkelsen had earlier said that he would only play at the same club where his son were going to play, and ÍF were smart enough to offer 17-year old Poul Mikkelsen a contract to lure the senior to the club as well. Junior made his debut for KÍ Klaksvík’s 1st team on the last day of the 2012 season.


TB Tvøroyri sign Senegalese midfielder Ndende Adama Gueye
TB Tvøroyri announced a week ago that they had signed Senegalese quality midfielder Ndende Adama Gueye; or just Ndende as he is usually called. Ndende has been at B68 Toftir for 5 years.

Gilli Sørensen to leave TB
On the other hand, it looks like TB will fail to hold on to talented 20-year old forward who according to rumours is most likely to go to either of the two Tórshavn clubs, HB or B36, although other clubs have also been in contact with the youngster.
Sørensen was part of the trio that spent some years at Aberdeen’s youth academy. The other two were HB defender Rógvi Holm and AaB Aalborg midfielder Hallur Hansson.

TB coach still not announced
As the only club in the top flight, TB have not announced their coach for next season, but the rumours are now suggesting that last year’s assistant coach and current sport director of the club – and former international - Hans Fróði Hansen, is to be named as the new coach and thereby taking over from Milan Kuljic who somewhat surprisingly not had his contract extended.

Although TB have a lot of local young talents, they might find it hard to cope with the lack of experience in the team in the coming season as several of those have been parted with.


Jann Ingi Petersen to Víkingur
Víkingur have signed a contract with central B68-midfielder Jann Ingi Petersen who announced at the end of the season that he would leave relegated B68 in favour for top flight football. He did it with a good conscience he said as he has twice earlier taken the relegation-journey with B68. Petersen has 22 caps for the Faroe Islands.

Evrard Blé to 07 Vestur
Ivorian midfielder Evrard Blé has signed a for promoted 07 Vestur where he will join forces again with his compatriot Tehe Aristide. They were also team-mates at AB Argir earlier. Blé


Brian Olsen returns to EB/Streymur
Midfielder Brian Olsen who made his way to the national team under Brian Kerr, but struggled to make it into the team last season has returned to EB/Streymur after spending the second half of the season on loan to 07 Vestur. Blé has now been 8 years in the Faroe Islands.

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