December 31, 2006: December Round-Up:

December has been a very quiet month regarding Faroese soccer with almost no news at all. - A couple of transfers between Faroese clubs to report and a more noticeable signing with Manchester City, is what we have this time.

B36 Tórshavn have signed Helgi L. Petersen from NSÍ Runavík. Helgi has been a long servant to NSÍ, although he has also played a couple of seasons for GÍ Gøta. His spell at GÍ was a most successful one, as he became the top scorer in the 2001 season with 19 goals in 18 matches. This also earned him a place in the national team, where he has been capped 6 times.

Newly promoted AB Argir have signed 21-year-old Hanus Jacobsen from GÍ Gøta. This is another blow to GÍ, who have now lost 3 of their better players from last season. But if this will be enough for AB to avoid relegation, remains to bee seen, as they do not have the strongest of squads, although they have signed a few players since the end of last season.

Manchester City, have signed another Faroese player; 16 year-old Adrian Cieslewicz from VB Vágur. Cieslewicz has been on trials at City twice, and this has convinced City to write a 2 and a half-year trainee-contract with the Faroese youngster. Cieslewicz is the second Faroese player in Manchester City, as they also have Christian R. Mouritsen in the club. If Cieslewicz doesn't sound too Faroese, it's because his father, Robert Cieslewicz, is from Poland and came to the Faroe Islands to play for ÍF Fuglafjørður in 1999 and the year after switched to VB Vágur, where he as a striker helped VB win the championship title for the first time. He doesn't play on a high level anymore, but still lives in the Faroe Islands. Adrian Cieslewicz also has an older brother, Lucaz Cieslewicz, who plays with Brøndby's youth team in Denmark. But if the Cieslewicz-brothers will ever play for the Faroe Islands is a bit unclear, as they not yet have Faroese, or rather, as it is called, Danish citizenship.

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