December 30, 2005: December Round-Up:

Transfers and other news

As we are in the middle of the silly season regarding soccer in the Faroe Islands, not that much is happening, but clubs are preparing for next season, so there are always a couple of transfers to report. But first some news about Jón Rói Jacobsen, who plays in Denmark:

Jón Rói Jacobsen joins Superliga club, AaB Aalborg

Faroese international, Jón Rói Jacobsen, has signed a 3 year contract with Danish Superliga club AaB Aalborg.

Jón Rói Jacoben, originally from HB Tórshavn, has been deemed as one of the greatest Faroese talents ever and made his debut in HB's first team in 1999 only 16 years old. Only 2 years later, he was already one of the most important players in HB, where he played in both attack and defense, and in 2002 he helped HB win the league title.

In 2003 he joined Brøndby in the Danish Superliga on loan. He never became a first-team regular with Brøndby, but certainlywasn't helped by a nasty knee-ligament injury in October 2003, which kept him out of soccer for several months.

In the summer of 2004 he then signed a contract with Frem in the Danish 1st division and soon became one of the club's most important players, which was also acknowledged by the Frem-supporters who voted Jón Rói Jacobsen as the Player of the Year 2005.


KÍ Klaksvík sign English goalkeeper

KÍ Klaksvík have signed 23 year old English goalkeeper, Poul Clapson. Clapson has previously played in England, Germany and USA, where he is now living. He will join KÍ early in the new year.

Undoubtedly, it is KÍ´s new coach, Tony Paris, who has recommended the new keeper, just as he did when he was coach in 1999, when he took American goalkeeper, Steven Boyle, with him to Klaksvík. KÍ won the double, with Boyle in goal.


Nigerian to EB/Streymur

In January 2006, 21 year-old Nigerian, Joseph Odogu, will have a trial with EB/Streymur. Odogi is a forward and has been represented in a Nigerian National Youth-Team. If he can convince the EB/Streymur coach and board, then he will be teaming up with Rumanian, Soren Anghel, and that could turn out to be a formidable force, with a Rumanian and a Nigerian in the attack.


New national coach, Jógvan Martin Olsen, picks his first team

The national team will have its first training session on January 7, 2006 and new coach Jógvan Martin Olsen has called for 30players for this training camp. Many of them are young and inexperienced players who did well in the Formula 1st Division last season as well as the youngsters abroad.

The players are:

B36 Tórshavn: Jákup Mikkelsen (goalkeeper), Hanus Thorleifsson, Bergur Midjord, Fróði Benjaminsen
HB Tórshavn: Bárður Johannesen (goalkeeper), Janus Joensen, Jákup á Borg, Kári Nielsen, Rasmus Nolsøe, Mortan úr Hørg
KÍ Klaksvík: Atli Danielsen, Heðin á Lakjuni, Hjalgrím Elttør
Keflavík (Iceland): Símun Samuelsen
GÍ Gøta: Hanus Jacobsen
EB/Streymur: Hans Pauli Samuelsen, Bárður Olsen
Skála: Pauli Hansen, Jónhard Fredriksberg
ÍF Fuglafjørður: Høgni Zachariassen
B68 Toftir: Jann Ingi Petersen
NSÍ Runavík: Christian H. Jacobsen
TB Tvøroyri: Óli Johannesen
KR Reykjavík (Iceland): Rógvi Jacobsen
Fremad Amager (Denmark): Andrew av Fløtum
Manchester City (England): Christian R. Mouritsen
Frem (Denmark): Gunnar Nielsen (goalkeeper), Jónas Tór Næs
Everton (England): Jóhan Troest Davidsen
AaB Aalborg (Denmark): Jón Rói Jacobsen

Bjarni Jørgensen, Skála and Andy Olsen, NSÍ Runavík replace Jón Rói Jacobsen, Brøndby and Christian R. Mouritsen, Manchester City. Jón Rói has been allowed to skip this training camp, as he is just getting settled in Aalborg after his transfer from Frem, while Manchester City were not interested in releasing Christian R. Mouritsen to attend the training camp.


Súni Fríði Barbá moves to B68 Toftir

Súni Fríði Barbá (formerly Johannesen) has made his annual (more ore less:-) change of clubs; this time from AB Argir in the second division to B68 Toftir in the first division, who were just promoted to the top flight after winning the second division 2005.

Súni Fríði has always been a prolific goal-scorer and has twice been the top scorer in the best division, in 1995 with a record 24 goals (equaled by Uni Arge, HB, 1997) and again in 2000 with 16 goals. On both occasions, he played for B68. He has won two championships, in 1992 with B68 and in 1998 with HB Tórshavn).

From 1991 to 2005 he has played for 5 clubs and next year's transfer is his 10th from 1991!


In addition to this, there have also been some other low-profile transfers which are not reported here.

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