February 04, 2009: National Team News:

No Faroe Islands coach yet...

The Football Association has today posted this message on their website:

The Football Association’s executive committee is still working on the task to find a new national coach.

It has earlier been announced, that the new national coach would be named in the first week of February, but it has now been accepted that this goal could not be reached.

The work in finding the right person to be in charge of the national team continues and the executive committee hopes that a deal can be made with the right person before too long.

On behalf of the Football Association

Høgni í Stórustovu


It had been reported that the Scot Colin Calderwood was on his way to the Faroe Islands for final negotiations, but apparently there have been some disagreements, because Calderwood never arrived in the Faroes.

Calderwood had according to the media been on a shortlist of 3; the other two being Flemming Serritslev from Denmark and Luka Kostic, a Serbian now an Icelandic citizen.

It’s not clear if the FA will now approach either of these two or if they will go for someone else.

The Football Association has never confirmed any of the names that have been mentioned in the press, however.

Two videos below featuring Colin Calderwood:

It's not for the humour he was the Faroe Islands F.A.'s favourite…

collision with Harry Redknap

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