October 20, 2007: 1st division news:

B68 Toftir and ÍF Fuglafjørður
make speedy return to the
Formula Division

The last round of the 1st division was played today, but it's a long time since it was decided who the two teams were, who would be promoted to the Formula Division.

B68 Toftir og ÍF Fuglafjørður, who were both relegated from the Formula Division after last season, make a quick return as winners and runners up, respectively.

B68 won the 1st division in style and lost only 1 of their 27 matches. ÍF had a more troublesome start to the season, but midway through it, they turned it up a notch, and in the end they became comfortable runners up.

Traditionally, the promoted teams have a hard time in the top flight, and certainly ÍF will have it difficult next season, but B68´s very convincing performances throughout the season could indicate that they have a team that can compete in the Formula Division.

B68 have just recently announced that they have appointed a new coach for next season, Bill Mc Cleud Jacobsen, who has mainly been coach in the youth ranks previously. He's also coach for the Under 21 national team at the moment. However, there has been no news about why this years's succesfull coach, Rúni Nolsøe, is not continuing. He also led AB Argir to the Formula Division the previous season.

Rúni Nolsøe was one of the best players at HB for many years, before he called it a day 2 years ago and started coaching... Now, if we do some speculation, could it be be that he is going to coach HB next season (where there is a vacant coaching-post next season)? Well, this is a long shot, as HB isn't usually appointing too inexperienced coaches, but then again, Nolsøe has been very successful in his first two seasons as a coach, winning promotion to the Formula Division with 2 different 1st division clubs. But, as mentioned before, this is a long shot-speculation!

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