B36 Tórshavn get away from Istanbul with a "decent" result

July 26, 2006: UEFA Champions League, 2nd qualifying round, 1st leg:

Fenerbahçe SK – B36 Tórshavn 4-0 (2-0)
1-0 S. Appiah 26'
2-0 T. Metin 38'
3-0 S. Tuncay 53'
4-0 T. Önder 90'

Fenerbahce started the game in a frantic tempo and created two good opportunities within the first two minutes and a half:

After a corner, Ghanaian Stephen Appiah picked up the ball outside the penalty area and fired a hard shot at goal, but the shot was right on Jákup Mikkelsen in the B36-goal who held on to the ball.

A minute later, Fenerbahce was at it again. This time a Fenerbahce player had gone through to the byline inside the goal area, but his square-ball was intercepted by the B36 defense in the last moment.

14 minutes into the game, Alex was given too much space and time in center of goal just outside the penalty area, but his low shot was right on the B36 goalkeeper again.

A minute later, Anelka was through at the byline, but Jákup Mikkelsen caught out his pass (or was it a shot?) to a clear Fenerbahce player in front of goal.

On 21 minutes B36 had a free kick 8 meters outside the Fenerbahce penalty area, but although well placed, Syllas' shot lacked pace and therefore didn't bother Rüştü Reçber in the Fenerbahce goal too much.

On 24 minutes, Anelka made a searching run into the penalty area and went down, but the referee deemed it to be film and awarded him the yellow card instead of an Oscar. – The referee probably got it right.

But, just a minute later Fenerbahce finally found the opener. The passive B36 defense gave Appiah too much time and space outside the penalty area in center of goal, and he drilled a low well placed shot between two B36 defenders into the back of the net and out of reach for keeper Jákup Mikkelsen.

After 38 minutes Fenerbahce made it 2-0 with a replica goal of the first. A wrong pass across the field from B36 left back, Alex dos Santos, provided Metin with the ball on the half way line and he was allowed to run with it and from 20 meters, in center of goal, he hammered a low shot in to the goal.

B36 started the second half quite lively and had 3 shots at goal within the first 5 minutes:

First, Fróði Benjaminsen struck a free kick 1 meter over the crossbar. Then, the minute after, Hanus Thorleifsson tried his luck with a long range effort which saw keeper Rustu give away a corner and then Santos tried his luck from long range after cutting across the pitch, but his shot went well over.

But then Fenerbahce took over again and 7 minutes into the second half, they made it 3-0 with a beautiful goal. The clock showed 56:06 when goalkeeper Rustu played the ball to his central defender, and 12 seconds and 3 passes later, the ball was played to Anelka on the right. He got to the byline and squared the ball to Tuncay who easily taped it in for 3-0.

Fenerbahce had some opportunities after this, but not until 2 minutes of stoppage-time did they get another after a corner, when nobody watched Önder Turacı, who unhindered headed the ball into the top right corner for 4-0.

Unnecessary big loss for
B36 Tórshavn after holding
Fenerbahce for 43 minutes

August 1st, 2006: UEFA Champions League, 2nd qualifying round, 2nd leg:

B36 Tórshavn - Fenerbahçe SK 0 -5 (0-1)
0-1 Tuncay Sanli 44'
0-2 Mehmet Yozgatli 48'
0-3 Can Arat 79'
0-4 Semih Senturk 81'
0-5 Murat Hacioglu 90'

After holding Fenerbahce from scoring for 43 minutes, B36 lose 5-0 in the end, after conceding 3 easy goals in the last 12 minutes.

In the first half, Fenerbahce's scoring opportunities mostly came after unprovoked B36 mistakes when B66 gave away the ball even when not under pressure.

B36 had its first shot on goal after 3 minutes when Hanus Thorleifsson tried from 25-30 meters, but Rustu Recber in the Fenerbahce goal wasn't troubled by the shot however.

Three minutes later, Fenerbahce nearly scored. B36 had just won the ball after a Fenerbahce corner, but a wrong pass on the left sent Fenerbahce straight back into attack. The ball was played across to Alex do Souza on the left, but his nonchalant lob aimed at the far corner went wide off goal.

A minute later, B36's Bergur Midjord was played through on the right, but from a tight angle, his low shot went just wide off the far post.

On 12 minutes, goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelsen made a meal of a simple back-pass when he played the ball straight to Fenerbache's Semih Senturk, but the keeper saved himself from the worst embarrassment by making a super-save from the clear Turk.

20 minutes into the first half, Alex de Souza blasted a long range shot on the crossbar from 22 meters.

But then, just 2 minutes before the break, another unprovoked mistake by B36 led to Fenerbahce's opening goal when defender Herbert í Lon Jacobsen's too short back-pass was intercepted by Tuncay Sanli who rounded the goalkeeper and put the ball into the empty goal.

And it took the visitors only 3 minutes of the second half to double their lead after yet another unnecessary error in the B36 defense, when left back Alex dos Santos tried to screen the ball off the pitch close to the byline, but Fenerbahce's Mehmet Yozgatli won the duel with Santos and ran towards goal and fired a shot. Jákup Mikkelsen blocked it in the first attempt, but Yozgatli was first on the rebound and scored on his second attempt.

10 minutes into the second half, B36 had their best scoring opportunity when Sylla got the ball after a long goal-kick from Jákup Mikkelsen. He shrugged of the defender and lobbed Rustu in the Fenerbahce goal, but the ball went just a meter wide off the right post.

33 minutes into the second half, Fenerbahce made it 3-0 after a free-kick on the left 10 meters from the byline, 1 meter outside the penalty area. Mehmet Yozgatli curled the free kick goal-wards, and inside the goal area, Can Arat turned the ball into the goal with is head.

A couple of minutes later, Semih Senturk made it 4-0, when he escaped his marker in front of goal and tapped in the cross from the left byline.

On 84 minutes, Fróði benjaminsen was played through on the right, but Rustu in the Fenerbahce goal easily blocked the shot from the tight angle.

After 44 minutes, Fenerbahce scored their 5th, when a Fenerbahce-player dribbled past a defender in the penalty area and shot at goal. Jákup Mikkelsen blocked the shot initially, but again he had to give a rebound which Murat Hacioglu tapped into the empty goal.

0-5 became an unnecessary big loss to a Fenerbahce team who, in the first half, only were dangerous when they were given (too many) gifts from B36. In the second half, Fenerbahce started off with another gift from B36 and in the last 12 minutes, B36 allowed Fenerbahce to get 3 easy goals as B36 suffered fatigue which led to lapse of concentration.

If Fenerbahce want to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League, then they'll have to play much better than they did against B36 today, as Dynamo Kyiv (who most probably will be their opponents in the 3rd qualifying round) will be a much tougher team to beat. Because, if B36 can hold Fenerbahce for 43 minutes, how long can Dynamo Kyiv hold them…?

But neither Nicolas Anelka nor Stephen Appiah was in the team today and they do make a difference, we saw in the first leg in Istanbul when Fenerbahce were firing on all cylinders. Today Fenerbahce seemed to be in a "relax-mode", as the job had already been done, leading 4-0 from the first leg.

B36 vs. Fenerbahce ticket, Champions League, August 1st 2006

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