B36 Tórshavn's shock 4th minute goals isn't enough to kill off FC Midtjylland

August 25, 2005: UEFA Cup, 2nd qualifying round, 2nd leg:

B36 Tórshavn – FC Midtjylland 2-2 (1-2)
1-0 Bergur Midjord 4’
1-1 Razak Pimpong 17’
1-2 Dennis Sørensen 33’
2-2 Allan Mørkøre 85’

B36 were hoping to stage an upset, when they scored against Danish Superliga-side, FC Midtjylland, after only 4 minutes of the second leg of their UEFA Cup 2nd round qualifying match. But 13 minutes later, FC Midtjylland equalized. And when FC Midtjylland scored their second, B36 needed another 3 goals in order to progress. – That was never going to happen.

B36 made the perfect start to the match, scoring after only 4 minutes. But it was a gift from FC Midtjylland’s goalkeeper, Ola Tidman. An FC Midtjylland defender played the ball to the keeper, but when he was about to clear it up-field, he slipped and Bergur Midjord intercepted the ball which bounced towards the empty goal, and although a defender desperately tried to race back to save the ball, Bergur beat him to it and from the goal-line made sure that the ball did end up in the net. 1-0 for B36 and that meant that B36 were going through for the next round. But there were still 86 minutes left of play…

On 17 minutes FC Midtjylland leveled the score. B36 were too sloppy clearing a ball outside the penalty area. The ball bounced to a FC Midtjylland player on the right and he made a diagonal pass across the goal and there an unmarked Razak Pingpong placed the ball in the net just inside the near post from close range.

33 minutes into the first half, FC Midtjylland made it 1-2 end ended all hopes of B36 progressing to the next round. This time, Dennis Sørensen had the ball in the center circle and started jogging towards the B36 goal. Before he new it, he had strolled passed the whole B36 defense and then outpaced the last defender and rounded goalkeeper Jákup Mikkelse and put the ball into the empty goal. Dreadful defending from B36! With 4-2 on aggregate and with 2 away goals, FC Midtjylland was now effectively home and dry. Well, dry isn’t the right word to uses, because it was both rainy and windy in Tórsvøllur Stadium and the surface was very slippery and bumpy and made it difficult to control the ball. – Just ask the Danish goalkeeper…

On 41 minutes B36’s Bárður H. Joensen was shown the red card for a second bookable offense, after a dangerous tackle (made in frustration).

The start to the second half was a bit tame, but some 10 minutes into the half, it became livelier.

FC Midtjylland were closest to score. Michael Hansen hit the right post twice. The first effort Jákup Mikkelsen punched on the post and just seconds later, Hansen sent another straight on the post and out for a goal kick.

But it was B36 who dominated for most of the second half, but without becoming really dangerous. However, 5 minutes from time, Allan Mørkøre intercepted a bad back-pass from a defender to the goalkeeper and placed the ball between the goalkeeper’s legs and leveled the score.

2-2 was also the final results.

In all, a very fine performance from B36. B36 fans will think that FC Midtjylland’s goals were too soft and unnecessary, but will have forgotten the 2 gifts they were handed by FC Midtjylland.

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