August 2015 Round-Up:

31 August, 2015

Lars Olsen selects a 24-man Faroe Islands squad
Faroe Islands national coach Lars Olsen has selected a 24-man squad for the qulifiers against Northern Ireland at home on Friday and Finland away on Monday 7 September:

Goalkeepers: Gunnar Nielsen (Stjarnan - ICE), Teitur M. Gestsson (HB Tórshavn), Tórður Thomsen (B36 Tórshavn)

Defenders: Jónas Tór Næs (B36 Tórshavn), Atli Gregersen (Víkingur), Sonni Ragnar Nattestad (No club), Rógvi Baldvinsson (FC Fredericia), Odmar Færø (B36 Tórshavn), Erling Jacobsen (Víkingur), Hanus Jacobsen (Víkingur), Gilli Sørensen (AaB Ålborg - DEN)

Midfielders: Pól Jóhannus Justinussen (NSÍ Runavík), Fróði Benjaminsen (HB Tórshavn), Róaldur Jakobsen (B36 Tórshavn), Kaj Leo í Bartalsstovu (Levanger FK), Christian Lamhauge Holst (Fremad Amager - DEN), Brandur Hendriksson (FC København - DK), Sølvi Vatnhamar (Víkingur), Hallur Hansson (Vendssyssel - DEN), Árni Frederiksberg (NSÍ Runavík), Rene S. Joensen (Vendsyssel - DEN)

Forwards: Klæmint A. Olsen (NSÍ Runavík), Jóan Símun Edmundsson (Vejle BK - DEN), Finnur Justinussen (Víkingur)

Five changes have been made since the victory over Greece in June, mostly in defence where several players have withdrawn because of injuries and other reasons. 

To cover for the suspension of centre-backs Atli Gregersen and Johan Troest Davidsen, Lars Olsen had recalled Rógvi Baldvinsson for the first time during this qualifying campaign. Baldvinsson just recently signed for Danish 2nd tier leaders FC Fredericia. 

Injury to forward Andreas Lava Olsen has given his Víkingur team-mate Finnur Justinussen a place in the team instead. Right back Jónas Tór Næs is back in the fold having been sidelined for several months with a dislocated shoulder. 


Sonne Ragnar Nattestad parts with FC Midtjylland and Vejle
Faroese international central defender Sonne Ragnar Nattestad has parted with Vejle, where he was on loan, and with FC Midtjylland, where he was contracted, because of personal reasons, and is currently without a club. He has been keeping in shape with B36 Tórshavn during the last couple of weeks.  


Clever footballers? 
It’s not uncommon that Faroese football players go abroad to study, especially in Denmark, and a bunch of them have just announced that they have played their last match for their club this time: Heini Vatnsdal (HB Tórshavn), Finnur Justinussen (Víkingur), Beinir ellefsen (AB Argir), Dion Splidt (AB Argir).


KÍ Klaksvík say welcome and farewell to foreigners
Also KÍ Klaksvíks American defender Mayowa Alli, who has been on loan from Vendsyssel, has returned to Denmark where he will now be team-mate with Hallur Hansson and René S. Joensen.

On the other hand KÍ finally got the papers for Nigerian midfielder Sani Tahir who made his debut against AB Argir last week. 


Under 21 coaches picks 18-man squad for the Finland match
Just as the senior team, the Under-21 team is also facing Finland on away soil and Faroese coaches Bill McLeod Jacobsen and Eli Hentze have picked 18 players:

Goalkeepers: Elias Rasmussen (Víkingur), Niklas Thomsen (AB Argir)

Defenders: Leivur Joensen (ÍF Fuglafjørður), Benjamin Heinesen (B36 Tórshavn), Teitur J. Olsen (TB Tvøroyri), Poul N. Mikkelsen (ÍF Fuglafjørður), Gestur B. Dam (B36 Tórshavn)

Midfielders: Jónas Gejel Hansen (TB Tvøroyri), Jóannes Bjartalíð (KÍ Klaksvík), Betuel Hansen (Silkeborg IF - DEN), Bartal Wardum (HB Tórshavn), Gunnar Vatnhamar (Víkingur), Haraldur Højgaard (NSÍ Runavík), Hákun Edmundsson (NSÍ Runavík), Tórur Justesen (KÍ Klaksvík)

Forwards: Poul Ingason (HB Tórshavn), Meinhard Olsen (Vendsyssel - DEN), Karstin Højgaard (AB Argir)  

The match will be played on 8 September. 

16 August, 2015

HB Tórshavn appoint Milan Cimborovic as new coach

HB Tórshavn announced a week ago that their youth department coach Milan Cimborovic will take care of the senior team for the rest of the season. 

Having played as a professional in Yugoslavia and Hungary, the now 47-year old Serb came to the Faroe Islands to play for 2nd tier Royn Hvalba in 1997 and later played for NSÍ Runavík and TB Tvøroyri, but has only made seven appearances in the top division. 

Before taking over the vacant hot seat at HB’s senior team, Cimborovic has mostly worked as a youth coach at various clubs after retiring as a player in 2002, but has some experience with senior coaching though, for instance at Sumba in 1999 and 2000.

HB have not ruled out that the appointment could be permanent – meaning next season. 

At the same time HB have named former HB legend Jan Dam as assistant coach.

08 August, 2015

HB Tórshavn coach Heðin Askham resigns

HB Tórshavn announced on Saturday that coach Heðin Askham has resigned after a string of bad results which has seen his team plunge to fourth in the table and risk losing out on European football next season. 

The resignation doesn´t come as a shock, however, as Askham had already said a couple of times this season that if his team didn´t perform better, then there was no reason for him being there. 

HB’s season has been a troubled one, mainly because of injuries to key players - coupled with “metal fatigue” of other players as well.

HB’s success this season was always going to rely on striker Arnbjørn Hansen to bag the goals and on winger Christian R. Mouritsen to create them, but that was always going to be risky business as they are both injury-prone, and in fact the pair has only twice played the full 90 minutes together. Hansen, who is likely out for the season,  has only five times played 90 minutes while Mouritsen has lasted the 90 minutes nine times. And when also aging forward Andrew av Fløtum only has played 90 minutes three times, HB have had no threat upfront which is also evident in the table with only 27 goals scored while no 1 to 3 three in the table have scored 40+ and 50+ each, and in fact only the bottom three have scored fewer goals than HB.

It was also a major blow to HB when attacking minded Pál Mohr Joensen went out injured for the season in the third round, and when former stalwart Símun Samuelsen has struggled to regain full fitness after almost two years on the side-line, HB have simply lacked attacking weapons, and as 37-year old midfielder Fróði Benjaminsen is not the same player he was a few years ago when he almost singlehandedly could win a title, HB simply haven´t had the qualities to really compete at the top, which was also evident in the season opener in the 2-2 draw against AB Argir.

And as René S. Joensen, HB’s best player this season, lately switched to Danish football and centre back Jóhan Troest Davidsen has been injured, HB have been a team in disintegration, and at the moment it’s actually difficult to see how they can cope next season…  

So far HB have not announced who will take care of the team for the rest of the season.

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