May 29, 2007: Formula Division news:

AB Agir and coach
Oddbjørn Joensen part company

B Argir announced today that they have parted company with coach Oddbjørn Joensen. The decision is said to be mutual. That's probably a nicer word for being "sacked". It also looks much better on the CV.

This happens after yesterday's important match between AB and rock-bottom VB/Sumba, which ended in a draw. It was vital for AB to win the match in order to get in touching distance with the teams just over the relegation line, but after yesterday's draw, the gap remains on 6 points - a gap that will be very difficult for AB to close whoever the coach is, as AB really don't have material for a better position, it must be said. Until AB have found a new coach, Terji L. Hansen will take care of AB.

It's a tough business to be a soccer coach in the Faroe Islands. After 11 rounds of the Formula Division, Oddbjørn Joensen is the 3rd coach who has been sacked/released or what word we want to use. The other two are KÍ's Tony Paris after round 9 and Skála's Dragan Kovacevic after round 4.

Update, May 31, 2007:

AB Argir name Sigfríður Clementsen as new coach

AB Argir announced yesterday that they have appointed Sigfríður Clementsen as their new coach for the rest of the season.

Sigfríður Clemensen was in 2005 and 2006 coach at B36 Tórshavn whom he lead to the championship title the first year and the cup title the second year.

AB also intend to strengthen their squad with 2 new players when the transfer window opens on June 18th. In addition to that, AB has already made a deal with B36's Allan Mørkøre which will bring him back to AB, where he also played last season, when the transfer window opens.

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